People In Ireland Living In Poverty
Easter Eggs Distributed in 2020
Children In Ireland Living In Poverty
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With over 700,000 people in Ireland, including 200,000 children, living in food poverty ICHH have increased our food distribution network as part of our European Fead Grant and partnership with FoodCloud. Each month we provide food parcels to families that are homeless and living in emergency accommodation, families that are living in food poverty and single people living in emergency accommodation. As many emergency accommodation units don’t have cooking facilities we taylor our food parcels on their cooking facilities. Parcels for families without cooking facilities will include non-perishable food items and for families with cooking facilities we will provide food they can cook for themselves. We are currently supporting 2,000 – 3,000 people per month as part of our partnership with FoodCloud

As well as providing food parcels we also provide a basic food bag from our day service at the office which would include a sandwich, pot noodle, crisps and chocolate with a bottle of water. Our day service distributed 7,803 food bags from our office in 2019. This is excluding the food bags provided by our outreach teams 7 nights a week.


ICHH also hold an annual Easter Egg Appeal where we endeavour to provide an easter egg for children in emergency accommodation and for people sleeping on the streets nightly. In 2020 we received nearly 10,000 easter eggs which enabled us to put a smile on many faces over the easter period.


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