Fundraising Needs 
How you can help 

In ICHH we endeavour to offer non judgemental supports to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  As a not for profit we rely on charity partnerships and donations  from the public to keep our 7 day a week service operational. Every donation counts and allows us to support the most vulnerable in our society and we couldn’t do it without your generosity. Our volunteers are on the front line of homelessness 365 days a year so to support our work you can hold a fundraiser to raise vital funds for ICHH.

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Sleeping Bag Appeal 

You can donate sleeping bags to ICHH by contacting our office directly. In 2019 ICHH distributed 2,731 sleeping bags to people sleeping out across the city. You can also donate the price of a new sleeping bag by clicking help now.

Clothes Appeal 

ICHH take second hand clothes donations year round and support homeless people with clothes orders. In 2019 we filled out 1,249 clothes orders for people in need of our support. Arrange a clothes appeal in your local community, school or sports club. Do a wardrobe clear out and support people in need in the process. You can donate clothes or donate to our clothes appeal by clicking help now.

Food Appeal 

ICHH offer food parcels to families and individuals that are homeless as part of our FEAD European Grant and partnership with Food Cloud. To donate non-perishable foods you can contact us on 01-8881804.

Annual Events 
Fill A Luas Day
In December every year we hold our Fill a Luas event at Connolly Station where people come and donate their shoebox to ICHH. We also make the day special for our homeless friends by offering breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as haircuts, music, pizza, candy floss, popcorn and a Santa’s Grotto for children living in Emergency Accommodation​
Easter Egg Appeal
Each year we hold an easter egg appeal where people can donate an easter egg for children in emergency accommodation. In 2020 we received over 10,000 easter eggs that were distributed to families in emergency accommodation.​
Operation Hydration
During the hot summer months we ask the public to donate bottles of water, sun cream and after sun so we can keep homeless people on the streets day and night hydrated and safe from sun stroke.
Shoebox Appeal
Every Christmas we ask people to fill a shoebox for someone that is homeless. This is our biggest campaign of the year and will be running as normal in 2020. We will be offering a virtual online shoebox donation this year due to Covid-19. Details to be revealed in September
Light The Liffey
Every year we hold our Light the Liffey event at Sean O’Casey bridge where we light a candle bag for everyone experiencing homelessness. 2020 will be the 4th Light the Liffey event.
Fundraising Ideas 
Fundraising Ideas