What is GiveBack.ie?

GiveBack.ie is a student led social enterprise that has partnered with us since June 2018. The GiveBack team have a mission to help ICHH to eradicate homelessness and end the homeless crisis in Ireland.

GiveBack.ie is a google chrome extension that enables online consumers to seamlessly raise money simply by shopping online. Once installed, the user’s job is complete.

GiveBack.ie has created a seamless and innovative technology that automatically works in the background to raise much needed funds for ICHH to support the adoption of the Housing First model in Ireland.

With over 1300 retail partners we believe this has huge potential to make a real impact.

Are you using GiveBack.ie? If not just click on the link below to be redirected to the GiveBack.ie page. It takes 3 clicks and 30 seconds to download! Once downloaded don’t forget to share the #ImUsingGiveBack message on social media to enable your online community to help our cause.

Visit Giveback.ie

Download Giveback for Chrome

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